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From remote product upgrades to packaging options; simply pick and mix to create your perfect customer experience.  find out more


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At Net Lynk Group, we continue to support your customer, long after the product has been dispatched.  find out more
  • Secure and seamless IT systems

Which system are you on?

We invest over £2 million each year in our systems' expertise to make sure that we can integrate seamlessly with any server, any network and any software programme – giving you complete peace of mind.

We have a team of IT professionals, working in-house, creating software routines and programmes that will interface securely between our data handling system and your ERP set up. In turn, you can have total visibility of your consignment – from the moment your bulk shipment arrives in our warehouse, through picking and packing to when it arrives with the customer. You'll also be able to capture meaningful data such as despatch and lead times, the volume of product returns and the quantity of faulty goods received – helping you to build a better and more profitable business.

Our expertise at-a-glance

  • We provide a secure and tested IT infrastructure – so your data is safe with us.

  • We create systems that are easy to use – because data is shared between servers, there is no need to retype information, reducing operator error.

  • We can support volume transactions for reporting, stock management and consignment tracking – with our warehouse EDI links.

  • We can provide standalone support systems for your order management and technical support desks. These can interface directly from your back office system in to our warehouse.

Key Services

    Partnering with ISPs to roll out broadband into homes across the country is at the heart of our growth and success.
    We are the experts in fulfilment services for consumer technology devices and we distribute a highly diverse range of products.
    Thanks to our expertise in bespoke logistics for consumer technologies, we now have a growing portfolio of customers seeking to deliver similar products to business users.
    At Net Lynk, we can work with you to develop a complete, bespoke solution that complements your operation.