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We specialise in picking, packing and delivering direct via our extensive network of couriers and hauliers.  find out more


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Hundreds of companies, selling to consumers and business users alike have already outsourced their fulfilment processes to us.  find out more
  • Delivering your promise to the consumer

We are the experts in fulfilment services for consumer technology devices. If your product contains sensitive circuitry, batteries, remote controls and LCD displays, then we have the resources and skills to store, handle and deliver it with care. The range of consumer products that we distribute is highly diverse and includes:

  • Home computers, mobile handsets, portable media and game consoles and accessories.

  • Devices used for health and fitness, education and play and home security.

  • Vehicle and marine accessories, cooking gadgets and devices for DIY, gardening and outdoor leisure.

We can also configure and set up devices pre-delivery and ensure that all parts required are collated into one shipment; for example, when a product is supplied with separate accessories or where cables, adaptors, CDs/DVDs need to be included.

And our service doesn't stop when the package is dispatched. We have a dedicated team of customer advisers that can offer technical help over the phone and can also tailor a return and replace system to suit your service levels and consumer promise.

Our expertise at-a-glance

  • We work with many of the leading internet service providers to roll out consumer broadband and other web-based services – so we know what it takes to ensure that your latest gadget arrives in perfect condition.

  • We have an in depth understanding of how to store, pack, pick and ship products which have embedded electronic components.

Key Services

    Partnering with ISPs to roll out broadband into homes across the country is at the heart of our growth and success.
    We are the experts in fulfilment services for consumer technology devices and we distribute a highly diverse range of products.
    Thanks to our expertise in bespoke logistics for consumer technologies, we now have a growing portfolio of customers seeking to deliver similar products to business users.
    At Net Lynk, we can work with you to develop a complete, bespoke solution that complements your operation.